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What is Holistic Nutritional Therapy?

Holistic Nutritional Therapy is a natural, safe and effective approach to healthcare that enables a person to tap into their body’s own innate healing ability. It’s based on the latest research breakthroughs in Western science, and incorporates different healthcare systems including: nutritional medicine, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine (TMC).

The aim is to work with the whole person in body-mind-spirit in order to address the root cause of any imbalance, or health issue, rather than merely suppressing the symptoms.

According to the holistic wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, all physical and emotional imbalances indicate a block in the flow of vital energy (QI) in the body. And it recognises that optimal wellbeing is created when working in harmony with nature – through the various seasons. It is therefore highly beneficial to utilise the optimum times of the year for detoxification, assimilation and renewal of energy levels.

Health and vitality are everyones birthright!

Common health issues

Holistic Nutritional Therapy has been successful in addressing the following:

  • Women’s health including; pre-natal preparation and menopause
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Digestive issues
  • Immunity
  • Hormonal balancing
  • Men’s health
  • Poor blood sugar management
  • Excessive weight gain or loss
  • Food cravings or disordered eating patterns
  • Skin health
  • Food intolerences
  • Energy levels
  • Childrens health

What does it involve?

How will it work for me? How Long? How often?

These are some of the most common questions asked when someone is considering Holistic Nutritional Therapy.

Elizabeth offers the opportunity for a 10 minute phone call to answer your questions and to explore whether Holistic Nutritional Therapy is the right route for you. Request a call back

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